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„Dr. Nicolae Robănescu” National Clinic Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, the excellence center, was created from the reorganization of the first romanian functional rehabilitation department of children with neurological and motor impairments, founded in 1968 by Dr. Nicolae Robanescu.

"Dr. Nicolae Robanescu" National Clinic Pediatric Rehabilitation Center is a public institution with 114 beds where can be treat inpatients and ambulatory patients.


Our pathology includes: cerebral palsy, sequelae of brain and spinal cord injury, peripheral paresis, sequelae of meningoencephalitis, spina bifida, global developmental delays, myopathies, sensorial-motor neuropathies, genetic syndroms, musculoskeletal disorders, nervous system and bone tumors.

Therapeutic team includes: rehabilitation physicians, neurologist, pediatrician, intensive care physician, radiologist, physical therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, electrotherapists, nurses, parents; they work together to customize programs that meet each individual’s needs, to explore new approaches of treatment and find the optimal resources to support our patients’rehabiliation.

Our patients benefit from modern investigations: electroencephalography, electromiography, newborn and infants hip echography, osteodensitometry, lab investigation, vertebral spine investigations, medical imagery, multifactorial gait analysis, G-Walk, plantar support, balance and postural evaluation, 3D dynamic goniometry.

We offer to our patients robotic rehabilitation using the newest devices: for upper limb (Armeo, Armotion, Pablo, Diego, Myro), vertebral spine (T-Bed, Elongation Table), gait (G-EO, Lokomat, Walker View, Andago, Erigo, Hidro Physio, Motomed), balance (Iso-Shift, Prokin), cognitive stimulation (Nirvana), deglutition (Vital Stim).



Dumitru Minca St. No. 44, District 4, Bucharest.

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Tel/fax: +40 21 460 00 68