The Project Partners

We are a consortium of 4 partners from different parts of Europe (Romania, France and Denmark) with an international specialists balance (medical, educational, technological) and with highly qualified specialists in rehabilitation, vocational training, learning applications developers with a long standing reputation for providing student-centered programs of health education (interdisciplinary team, high degree of interactivity). 

The partners have been selected in order to ensure the coverage of all the phases of the complete rehabilitation process for children and youth with acquired brain injury.

P1: „Dr. Nicolae Robănescu” National Clinic Pediatric Rehabilitation Center – Romania – Project Leader

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Centrul Național Clinic de Recuperare Neuropsihomotorie pentru Copii „Dr. Nicolae Robănescu” (CNCRNC), is a high top center that  that continues the tradition of the first Romanian functional rehabilitation department of children with neuropsychomotor deficiencies, established by Dr. Nicolae Robănescu in 1968.

CNCRNC is a public institution in which patients benefit from high quality medical services based on the professionalism of the therapeutic team and the state-of-the-art equipment successfully used in the center.

We have 114 beds where inpatient or ambulatory patients can be treated.

In our center recovery treatments address to children with cerebral palsy, sequelae of brain or spinal cord injuries, peripheral paresis, sequelae after meningoencephalitis, spina bifida, global development delays, myopathies, sensory-motor neuropathies, genetic syndromes, muscle or skeleton dysfunctions, bone tumors or nervous system tumors.

The therapeutic team includes: physicians specializing in pediatric, rehabilitation, neurology, intensive care, radiology, physical therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and, last but not least, parents. We work together to adapt the programs to the needs of each child, to explore new therapeutic approaches and to find the right resources to support the recovery of our patients.

We offer our patients ultra-modern investigations: electroencephalography, electromyography, hip ultrasound in newborn and infant, osteodesitometry, laboratory investigations, spine investigations, medical imaging, multifunctional walking analysis, G-WALK, plantar support, posture assessment and balance 3D Dynamic Goniometry.

Our patients benefit from unique robotic recovery treatments in Romania through the variety of pathologies we address. Thus, we use devices upper limb recovery (Armeo, Armotion, Pablo, Diego, Myro), spine( T-Bed, masa de elongație), gait ( G-EO, Lokomat, Walker View, Andago, Erigo, Hidro Physio, Motomed), balance (Iso-shift, Prokin), cognitive stimulation (Nirvana) and deglutition (Vital Stim).


P2: Fondation ILDYS – France






The ILDYS Foundation is both a regional and national reference centre for paediatric rehabilitation that specialises in treating children with motor disabilities and acquired brain injury. It combines the commitment and skills of over 1,300 professionals from health, social and medical-social sectors in Brittany (France). More than 10,000 patients and users receive care, rehabilitation and social and professional re-insertion training every year; the “Ty Yann” centre welcomes 100 children and families each week. The aim of the Foundation is to provide high quality rehabilitation for children with disabilities, as well to undertake research and provide education in the field of developmental rehabilitation, both nationally and internationally.

The work, which depends on local, national and international networks, is centred within 4 main locations in Brest (France): the ILDYS Foundation, Brest University Hospital, LaTIM (INSERM UMR 1101, Laboratory of Health Data Processing: a nationally labelled research unit), and the European University of Brittany. More specifically, the department of paediatric rehabilitation has built strong collaborations with Brest University Hospital, providing access to the specialist departments of neonatal and paediatric intensive care, paediatric neurology, paediatric orthopaedic surgery and paediatric oncology as well as the medical imaging unit (US, CT scanner, MRI and EOS system) for brain and musculoskeletal evaluations, neurophysiology unit (EMG and sleep and wake EEG), botulinum toxin injections, 3D motion analysis lab etc.  Collaboration with the LaTIM provides access to research engineers and medical scientific skills (information technologies, digital technologies, motion analysis, 3D imaging, virtual reality etc.) and to innovative and cutting-edge research focused on children with neuro-musculoskeletal impairments.

Team Members:

- Pr Sylvain Brochard, MD, PhD, pediatric PRM

- Dr Louise Mauroux, MD, pediatric PRM
- Dr Valentine Charton, MD, pediatric PRM
- Gwenael Gueret, MD student, PRM
- Sébastien Desvent, Manager,
- Laëtitia Gueganton, PhD, Administrative Coordinator

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The HSM joined the project as co-partner 2.

The program in Saint Maurice aims at establishing an intervention which

• Attain optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological function and optimal social and school integration,

• According to the child’s and family’s project, needs, capacities and choices - and to local possibilities. 

Focused on activities of daily living and participation – Importance of school integration

• Necessary periodic revisions of program

Program in Saint Maurice • In- and out-patient rehabilitation facility – Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation – Specialised schooling (3 – 15y) • 30 beds – 30 outpatients – 45 to 60 patients present each day • Long-term follow-up on clinics – Until transition to adult services • Outreach program developed (1997) to deal with complex delayed psycho-social issues

Covering an area with 12 million inhabitants - Ile de France Region. 

Dr. Mathilde Chevignard is heading the HSM team in the project: Rehabilitation Department and Outreach team for Children with Acquired Brain Injury; Hôpitaux de Saint Maurice; Saint Maurice;

 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



P3: Hjerneskadecenter Virum – Denmark

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We have made an English translation of parts of our website so you can get an idea of our work and approach. Click here and have a look.




Hjerneskadecenter Virum, Danmark
Adresse: Kongevejen 256, 2830 Virum, Denmark
Telefon: (+45) 4511 5100
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P4: The European House – Denmark


Social responsibility across borders: Everyone has the right to participate in their community!

TEH's purpose is to help make it reality


  • TEH is independent of political, religious and economic interests
  • TEH works for social inclusion - to create better opportunities for people to participate in their (local) community
  • TEH is based on the right to education and training, work and other UN standards
  • TEH works and has helped to support many projects and activities in many countries, especially Denmark, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia
  • TEH is based on voluntary efforts both in the daily and in the projects
  • TEH's member is a number of Danish and international associations

    TEH has more than 550 members and a board of 9 members elected at the Annual General Meeting in April. TEH is an experienced NGO working with activities and projects nationally and transnationally for more than 25 years. The key focus are on empowerment and inclusion measures for people in all ages who are in risk of social exclusion for one reason or another: Children, youth and adults with disabilities, mental illnesses, homeless and /or other vulnerable groups and individuals. TEH is working from an advocating and involving approach based on “it matters” and “it can be done” strategy, i.e. demonstrating that vulnerable people have a right and are able to participate in their community – living, education, working and society. TEH builds on a huge network of experienced consultants and senior experts from all areas of society (of which many have worked with international/EU projects at all levels as well as with implementation of national and regional public services and in the areas in focus of TEH. TEH is working for an active civil society as a driving force in the development of inclusion together with the market and the public services.

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