Social responsibility across borders: Everyone has the right to participate in their community!

TEH's purpose is to help make it reality


 TEH is independent of political, religious and economic interests

 TEH works for social inclusion - to create better opportunities for people to participate in their (local) community

 TEH is based on the right to education and training, work and other UN standards

 TEH works and has helped to support many projects and activities in many countries, especially Denmark, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia

 TEH is based on voluntary efforts both in the daily and in the projects

 TEH's member is a number of Danish and international associations

 TEH has more than 550 members and a board of 9 members elected at the Annual General Meeting in April

TEH is an experienced NGO working with activities and projects nationally an transnationally for more than 25 years. The key focus are on empowerment and inclusion measures for people in all ages who are in risk of social exclusion for one reason or another: Children, youth and adults with disabilities, mental illnesses, homeless and /or other vulnerable groups and individuals. TEH is working from an advocating and involving approach based on “it matters” and “it can be done” strategy, i.e. demonstrating that vulnerable people have a right and are able to participate in their community – living, education, working and society. TEH builds on a huge network of experienced consultants and senior experts from all areas of society (of which many have worked with international/EU projects at all levels as well as with implementation of national and regional public services and in the areas in focus of TEH.

TEH is working for an active civil society as a driving force in the development of inclusion together with the market and the public services.

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