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How to handle the discharge of a child with traumatic brain injury


P2 Sylvain Brochard 2018


The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a knowledge gathering of experiences and results, which is achieved through five projects about a strengthened initiative for youths with acquired brain injury. The five regional anchored projects have in total received 100 million kr. over five years (2012-2017) in support from a finance law pool under the Ministry of Health and Prevention. A part of the assignment for this evaluation assignment is that it also should be used to assess about “from a professional and economic perspective there is a basis to implement ambulatory elucidation functions as a part of the future rehabilitation initiative for citizens with acquired brain injury.”

The evaluation additionally shows that there generally has been regional difference in achievement of the shared objectives and specifically emphasize Region of Central Jutland’s youth mentors as a good example of trans sectorial cooperation as well as The Capital Region of Denmark’s coordination function as very valuable for the youths.

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