A NGO Fontana Project in Vietnam

The “new” Binh Minh Village Addiction Treatment Center was made possible through generous grants from the Danish International Development Agency  (DANIDA) - CISU - Civil Society in Developmentand NGO Fontana. The physical premises were totally renovated and refurbished, and NGO Fontana experts introduced modern, evidence based treatment modalities, and trained the staff in the 12-step approach to treatment. Subsequently, NGO Fontana expanded the project, adding the Half-Way House, which includes facilities for Family Counseling, Vocational Training, etc. The Half-Way House is designed to support persons who are early in recovery due to substance abuse disorders, restarting the development tasks and beginning the work of personal progress and vocational planning. Also, NGO Fontana trained a number of recovering addicts to become Assistant Addiction Counselors and established in cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City Hiv/AIDS Prevention Association a branch office to combat Hiv/AIDS.

Translation from Vietnamese’s Home Page


On the afternoon of October 24, 2012, the Government Delegation including government experts, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, led by Mrs Ha, Acting Director of Department of Social Evil Prevention, with representatives from FHI (Family Health International) and USAID, visited Binh Minh Village Addiction Treatment Center in a study trip to learn about the new model of addiction treatment applying 12 Step Program and its effectiveness and implementation.

The Delegation highly appreciated and evaluated the positive aspects and the performance of Binh Minh Village Center, defined that this is a good way to pursue the modern movement for improving the current model of addiction treatment. The Delegation worked with the director board, and also worked and discussed with 31 cleaned addicts, whom mostly was working in the Center and observed the on-going classes.

Binh Minh Village Addiction Treatment Center conducted the treatment program based on 3 main pillars:

  1. Medication is supporting role.
  2. Cognitive Behavior Treatment is decisive role. ?
  3. Changes in friendly and healthy environment is important.

The Center has built a 12 Steps Treatment Program from 2007 and to 2009 the model is relatively complete, and from 2009 until now the Program has grown in depth, good connection to many activities. There have been several classes of patients achieved recovery, some patients became employees of the Center, joined in running the 12-Step Program.

A Treatment Model Which Called Attention of the Delegation.

The Delegation had praised and encouraged the positive work of the Center in creativity, research, study and of implementation of new application in their practices. The Delegation promised to come back to keep working with the Center on a number of issues, which aims to help the Center improving for further efficiency.

Mr. Ha Dinh Nguyen – Director of Lang Binh Minh welcomed the Delegation.




Working between Lang Binh Minh Center and members of the Delegation.



Mr. Lai Van Anh – Vice Director of Lang Binh Minh Center answering questions of the Delegation.



Lang Binh Minh staffs and members of NA Group attending the meeting.



Speech of Professor Chung A – Government expert on drugs addiction.




Members of the social evils prevention organization visit Binh Minh Village Center.




Answering some questions about the management and organization, facilities of
the Center as well as contribution of ideas from the Delegation for the Center.


Visit the study place and talk with and encourage the patients
for making better effort in addiction treatment.




The Delegation attended a class of the patients in the Center.



Photo of the Delegation and Lang Binh Minh directors and staffs. The Delegation was very
satisfied with the visit. This is a milestone for important progress of the Center in addiction
treatment through applying successfully the 12 Step Program from 2007 upto now.


The Visit conducted by members of Government Group of Experts on AIDS, Drugs and Sex Workers Prevention aiming at changing and re-newing the activities of prevention of AIDS, drugs ans sex workers in the next coming future.
Joining the Delegation including:

  1. Professor Chung A, ex Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Committee AIDS Prevention
  2. Doctor TS Nguyen Bich ?at, ex Vice Minister of Ministry of Planning and Investment
  3. Doctor Hoang Van Ke, ex Vice Chairman of Haiphong city
  4. Mrs. Hoang Thi Hien, ex Vice Director of Education Department of Government Office
    These 4 memebers was Government experts
  5. Mrs Nguyen Thi Ha, Acting Director of Department of Social Evil Prevention, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
  6. Mrs Nguyen To Nhu, FHI (Family Health International) and others FHI staffs

The addiction treatment model of 12-Step Program of the Center is a new model in Vietnam and needed to be continued to study and apply to Vietnam context.

NGO Fontana