Welcome to NGO Fontana

Committed to the Prevention and Treatment of Chemical Dependency related harms in Denmark and Vietnam.

Addiction is a severe and increasing problem around the world.

Most people suffering from Chemical Dependency underestimate the harm done by alcohol,medicine and drugs. They also underestimate the addictiveness of these substances and the harm that they cause to others.

Alcohol and medicine are not ordinary comodities !

The harm done by these substances can be avoided.

NGO Fontana and all its members work together to create a society that is conductive to the prevention and treatment of harm related to Chemical Dependency and HIV/AIDS.


Since 2004, NGO Fontana has been cooperating with Alcohol and Drugs Treatment Centers, HIV/AIDS Prevention Associations and Health Clinics in Vietnam, as well as with Vietnamese authorities, Civil Society Organizations, and NGOs to prevent and combat Addiction and HIV/AIDS.

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Upcoming Event Upcoming Event Communication and Design Contest 2014 
2 peer educators Can you keep holding Available service for women in treatment
Advanced training: Introduction of 12 Steps Facilitation  Codependency - 1 July 14 in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Addiction Treatment and After Care for Women Workshop
Game Role playing Child rights and child sexual abuse Discuss on how to help victims and batterers involving substance abuse
CSAP at Hoa Hong Shelter - Group 1 July CSAP at Light House July 14 Domestics Violence vs. Substance Abuse - 26 June 14 in Hanoi 
A peer educator sharing his opinion Counselor who is codependent Debate on Myths of Addiction
Addiction Treatment and After Care for Women Workshop - 26 June 14 in Hanoi Codependency - 25 June 14 in Hanoi  Understanding Addiction Workshop - 25 June 14 in Hanoi
Fontana and PAC Vung Tau team Mr Preben speak about addiction and the brain Director of DOH and PAC Vung Tau
Understanding Addiction - Workshop for social peer educators, self-help groups  Understanding Addiction - Workshop for local authorities Understanding Addiction - Workshop for social workers, clinics, treatment centers
How to avoid risk situation Dawing pictures and find who you trust most Learning about child sexual abuse
CSAP at Long Truong Highshool April 14  CSAP at Anh Sang Shelter March 14   CSAP at Ky Quang Pagoda - March 14
1  Venue of ABF trainings and workshop-National Assembly House 1  ABF Research on Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse conducted by NGOF and MSD Vietnam Certificates ceremony for participants who completed full course
Orientation and ABF Research Report Introduction Workshop Oct Research Report and training materials Basic Child Sexual Abuse and Drugs Abuse Prevention Training October 2013
Discussion to make group ranking A lady present her group opinion why DFWP needed Activity to overcome the shame when talk about private body part
Child Protection Policy October 2013 Drug Free Workplace Policy for NGOs working with Children October 2013 Handling Case of Disclosures October 2013
A participant sharing her opinon Agreement and disagreement Mr  Hansen brief the results of ABF research
Drug Prevention Program for Adolescents October 2013 Child Trafficking October 2013 Relationship between CSA and DA Workshop October 2013
0 Front picture Delivery certificate 0 Workshop Street teenager and drugs prevention Drugs and Alcohol at the Workplace 6
FTV Training Course Student and Addiction 22-24 May 2013 FTV Workshop for
Street Teenager 29 May 13
Drugs and Alcohol at the Workplace June 2013
Workshop Youth and Substance 21 May 2013 street children brochure-7 Jan Page 2 h c andersen
Workshop "Youth and Substance" in
HCM city May 2013
ABF & FTV Leaflets 2013 H.C. Andersen in 
Vietnamese 2013
TOT Picture1  Picture1

TOT and CSR Training 
April 2013 in HCMC

Cay Mai Group Event in HCMC -
January 2013

12 step Event's in Hanoi,
Vietnam January 2013
Picture1  Frontpage  2  Mr Son and Mrs Tu from HIV Center in Ba Ria
Advocacy planned for four Schools in
the Northern Province Ha Thinh 
A Brighter Future for
Street Children in HCMC
Filling The Void
Pic22 Follow My Command game The smallest child in the Group

Government Visit to
the Binh Minh Center

Training - Understanding Addiction
Related Issues class 3 and 4

Field trip - Facts Finding Mission
Visit Kim Dong Group Oct 12


Game in class

Ace A volunteer social workertalked about his job

Training Course on Child
Sexual Abuse Oct 12

TOT Trainers 3rd and 4th Course Understanding Addiction & Related Issues Oct 12

Workshop - Issues of Rehabilitation and Integration to Community 19 Oct 12

Round table discussion The workshop Introduction about the training

TOT Trainers 2nd Course - Understanding Addiction & Related Issues 25-27 Sep 12

Workshop - Family Living
with Addiction 21 Sep 12

TOT Trainers 1st Course - Understanding Addiction & Related Issues 13-15 Aug 12

SANY0002 Doing the quiz 10 Myths about Addiction Class of drug 2

Workshop - Difficulties in Recovery
from Drug Addiction 10 Aug 12

Training of Trainers - Addiction is a
Disease July and August 12

Training - Health Care Providers in HCMC in Modern & Evidence Based Addiction
May & June 12

Workshop for local authorities and policy makers in HCMC 1 IMG 0093 IMG 4620

Workshop - Understanding Addiction
Related Issues 10 May 12

Field trip - Facts Finding Mission -
HCMC Street Children April 12

Fontana and Partners at a
Charity Event in HCMC

MSD and NGO Fontana at SUD conference in Hanoi

New Partners in Hanoi

Workshop Southern Self supportgroups

MSDand NGO Fontana at SUD
conference in Hanoi

New partners Hanoi,
Khanh Hoa & HCMC Vietnam

Workshop Southern Self supportgroups
PLHIV PUD Network (SPN+)

Christmas Charity party in HCMC, Vietnam 2011 CS Workshop at HAA-MSD-LIN

Christmas Charity party in
HCMC, Vietnam 2011

PATC Denmark - CS Workshop at HAA-MSD-LIN & NGO Fontana in Hanoi & HCMC

New Project in Hanoi -
Ho Chi Minh City and Khanh Hoa 2011 - 2014

Workshop with Teenagers at Huu Tho
High School Dist. 4 HCMC - 2011

Workshop with Youth's at the District
Youth Union in District 4 HCMC - 2011

Addiction Treatment Center
Lang Binh Minh (LBM)

Workshop with Woman Association of
Ward 7 BT Dist. HCMC - 2011

Opening of HIV/AIDS Branch of

Treatment activities at HWH
"A New Beginning"


Sports- and leisure
activities at HWH

Training Activities at
Lang Binh Minh HWH

Halfway House (HWH)
"A New Beginning"


* Practitioner - or just a helping hand..? *

* Addiction and HIV/AIDS - different diseases - combined treatment *

* Addiction a tragedy hurting the whole Family *